Investment Management

Growth & Income Strategies for Disciplined Portfolio Management

Asset Allocation Strategy – MangoTree® Quantitative Models

  • Tactical (ETFs):  Utilizes strategic allocation as a core (long-term) with a tactical overlay (intermediate-term), which may be a combination of active, passive, sector, country or broad market rotation strategies. Available in varying levels of equity and fixed income: TL100, TL80, TL50, TL30, and TLFI.
  • Ultra-Tactical (Stocks & ETFs):  Utilized as a satellite or opportunistic allocation in the context of overall portfolio construction. Ultra-Tactical models use short to long-term trends (i.e. opportunistic). Available in varying levels of equity and fixed income: UT100, UT80, UT50, UT30, and UT-LS (hedged).
  • Custom & Third-Party (ETFs):  Customized client portfolio to suit client needs or third-party models that are screened by MTC.

Income Strategy – Using Covered Options (Level 1)

Primary – Cash Secured Put:

Secondary – Covered Call:

Options trading involves significant risk and not appropriate for all investors. Certain complex options strategies (higher than Covered Level 1) carry additional risk. Before trading options, please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. Accounts require advisory agreement and custodian paperwork for options trading. See Site Disclaimers for links to external sites.