Employer Retirement Plans

401k To Cash Balance Plans

MTC advisors design, implement and service ERISA or ERISA-like plans such as Solo 401k, 401k, 403b, 457, 401a, defined benefit (pension), cash balance, and other non-qualified plans. Services include existing plan review and analysis, plan-level advice regarding fund selection and investment options, education services to plan participants, investment management, investment performance monitoring, and ongoing consulting.

See Solo-401k offering tax deferral savings for owner only employee businesses.

ERISA 3(21) & 3(38) Services

Our ERISA plan services are offered in 3(21) non-discretionary, 3(38) discretionary, and optional MTC custom asset allocation models. With 3(38), you may completely outsource your investment fiduciary duties and retain basic plan administration and trustee duties. During the initial plan design, we will coordinate services through a choice of custodians offering bundled or unbundled Record Keeping and TPA services.

MTC Custom Allocation Models

The MTC custom allocation models are an alternative approach to traditional use of just mutual funds inside 401k plans. They provide additional investment choices to plan sponsors and employees subject to plan qualification. Please refer to MangoTree® Quantitative Models for a description of tactical models.